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L'Envol  - Stéphanie Duménil Boissière

Convinced that everybody has inside of him the right resources to grow and fully develop, but that it can be tough to find out alone these resources, I propose you different techniques (Dynamic Sophrology®, Energetic coaching, EFT: Emotion Freedom Techniques, NLP: Neuro-linguistic Programming...) to help you to find these resources so that you can take your Envol! 

These tools and techniques that I hand on to you (In English, French and Dutch for Sophrology) can be used both for an individual (as of 5 year old) or a group (sport team, work team, association, etc...) journey. 

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Stéphanie Duménil Boissière,

Accompagnatrice du Changement

Dynamic sophrology®

Dynamic Sophrology is not only a technique to relax and to manage stress and emotions, but also a personal development tool. It is based on breathing techniques and on body sensations experience, and also on emotional and intuitive experience.


NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is a pragmatic approach of communication and change, which offers personal development and brief therapy tools. 


EFT (Emotion Freedom Techniques) is a simple technique which allows a treatment of emotional disorders by tapping of acupressure points.