Birth preparation

New baby coming is usually a wonderful news, but it can also be, sometimes, stressful, disturbing as much for the futur mum as for the future dad. 

Birth preparation with Dynamic Sophrology® 

will help the future mum to fully ans quietly live and experience her pregnancy and all the body and emotional changes linked to it. It will also make her be ready for the delivery and the time when back home with her baby.  

All these changes can also be confusing for the future dad, who also needs to be reassured and to get familiar with all these new things and ready for baby arrival.

Birth preparation with Dynamic Sophrology® can start as of the beginning of pregnancy (even before when the potential pregnancy is providing stress already upfront, for instance) 

A birth preparation cycle is usually made of about 10 sessions. 


Price: 45€ / 1h individual or couple session. 

 (any session not cancelled minimum 24h ahead should be paid)


Sessions could potentially take place at your home if you have a reduced mobility, with an additional cost for travel. 

Don't hesitate to contact me for more info! (click on the link)