EFT - Emotion Freedom Techniques

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or "Tapping", created by G. Craig, is a simple technique to treat emotional disorder by tapping on acupressure points with fingertips, stimulating some meridian points on the body. 


By practicing Tapping / EFT, you can harmonize your energetic system in order to decrease too strong emotions that could block you (like fear, grief, anger, guilt, worry, etc...) and make them disappear and be replaced by calm and harmony feelings.  


EFT is a step by step approach to "clean" any traces and memories that are contributing to the emotional and energetic disorder.  


It is possible to use EFT to treat phobia, trauma, mourning (any kind of) etc...


Price: 60€ / 1h individual session

(any session not cancelled minimum 24h ahead should be paid)


Sessions could potentially take place at your home if you have a reduced mobility, with an additional cost for travel. 

Don't hesitate to contact me for more info! (click on the link)