Adults Life coaching



It's about helping you in finding useful resources to face up to periods that can be difficult to manage alone (interview or exam preparation, career change, personal and familial life change, etc...) 

It's about providing you with tools to facilitate decision making, to reinforce your communication skills, to boost your creativity or also to manage conflicts etc... 

It's about guiding you in your personal development path, to fly better and higher! 





During the first meeting, we will fix together the coaching objectives so that I can propose you different ways to get there.




Price: 60€ TVAC / h, i.e. 90€ TVAC for a 90 min-individual session. 

(any session not cancelled minimum 24h ahead should be paid)



The individual coaching I am offering can also be adapted for work teams (or also a sport teams, or other kinds of groups ...) that are facing restructuring, management changes, company objectives changes, or for new starting teams, not yet fully nor optimally collaborating, or having difficulties to stimulate creativity, to innovate etc... 


Don't hesitate to contact me for team sessions, creative sessions etc... (click on the link)