Kids & Teens coaching

It's helping your kid (as of 5) or teen to feel great, to reinforce his / her self-confidence and self-esteem to fully blossom!

It's also helping him / her to overcome fears, phobia, to get prepared for a special event or moment (sport competition, exam, etc...)

Net, it is helping your kid or teen to grow and deploy him / herself! 

In a more specific learning context, it's about helping him / her to find or retrieve motivation and pleasure in learning.  

It's proposing her/ him memorization, understanding, thinking and phrasing strategies, adapted and adjusted to her / his needs, and train her / him to use them.

It's helping her/ him to become autonomous and responsible in learning ....  to fly on its own, simply!


During the first meeting with parents and kid / teens' / young adult, we define together the coaching objectives so that I can propose you the following steps.

During each session we (kid / teenager / young adult and myself) work by sub-targets so that, when back home, she / he can already utilize at least a part of new technique for her / his current school needs, alone, or potentially with the help of one of the parents for a start.


Specific techniques examples

Concentration and focus of attention techniques.

Spelling learning techniques.

Poem and song learning techniques.

Content course memorizing strategies (history, geography, ...) from few pages to a full booklet.

Scientific course understanding and studying strategies (maths, physics and chemistry, ...).

Foreign languages learning strategies.



Price: 60€ / 1h individual session

(any session not cancelled minimum 24h ahead should be paid)


Don't hesitate to contact me for more info! (click on the link)